Eritrea learning For All (ELFA)

Research summary

Eritrea Learning for All (ELFA) is a Higher Education Institutional Cooperation programme between Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) and the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The overall objective of ELFA is to enable EIT personnel develop their educational professional capacity in educational leadership and management, teacher education and pedagogy, learning related research methodology, use of ICT in education, literacy and numeracy learning, inclusive education and special needs education with a focus on learning difficulties. In collaboration with Finnish experts the EIT participants will design and pilot assessment tools and pedagogical programmes applied to the Eritrean context.


Research info

Research title
Eritrea learning For All (ELFA)

Research timeline
1.8.2015 - 1.8.2015

Capacity development education pedagogy educational leadership ICT learning difficulties Literacy numeracy


Eritrea, Finland

University of Jyväskylä
Agora Center
Jyväskylä, Finland

Funding instrument
Ministry for Foreign Affairs (ICI, HEI-ICI, N-S-S)

Project budget
200,000 - 500,000 euros

Head of research
Elina Lehtomäki

Research team
Dr. Elina Lehtomäki, Dr. Päivi Fadjukoff, Dr. Suzanne Adhiambo Puhakka, Khalid Idris, Zecarias Zemichael Woldu, Abraham Belay, Ermias Melake Tesfay, Amare Teclemicael Mebrahtu, Dr. Yonas Mesfun Asfaha, Amare Teclemicael Mebrahtu, Menghisteab Teklemichael, Samuel Mebrahtu Bahta, , Dr. Markku Leskinen, Dr. Eija Raikkonen, Dr. Matti Kuorelahti, Dr. Anita Malinen, Dr. Ulla-Maija Valleala, Prof. Heikki Lyytinen, Prof. Mikko Aro, Prof. Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Doctoral Candidate Emma Ojanen, Dr. Pekka Räsänen, Dr. Tuire Koponen, Doctoral Candidate Jonna Salminen, Prof. Aini-Kristiina Jappinen, Mika Risku, Dr. Antti Pirhonen

Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT)

Contact information
Suzanne Adhiambo Puhakka

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