Lena Englund

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Åbo Akademi University


English language and literature

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autobiography Literature Peter Godwin Rhodesian discourse

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  • Project date 1.4.2013
  • Head of research Lena Englund
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The purpose of this research is to study the Rhodesian discourse in the autobiographical writing of Peter Godwin, a Rhodesian-born writer living in New York today. A great number of memoirs and autobiographical texts by white Rhodesian/Zimbabwean writers have emerged during the last fifteen years, and several of these writers, including Godwin, have been criticized for reviving a Rhodesian discourse which means holding on to colonial attitudes and ideals. My aim is to determine to what extent this is really the case in Peter Godwin's writing. I also examine what parallels can be drawn and conclusions made in relation to other white Zimbabwean autobiography.