Minttu Lampinen

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Hämeenlinna University of Applied Sciences


Business Administration

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digital environment digitalization leadership organizations social change virtualization

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  • Project date 1.10.2015
  • Head of research Minttu Lampinen
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The concept of leadership is going through big changes. We have previously seen large changes in both the micro and macro levels of leadership. One of the key concepts to continue looking at would be the developing trends of virtualization and digitalization in regards to leadership. Long distance leadership especially through the internet, will be a fundamental skill required by future leaders. Digitalization is a common practice in many of today’s organizations, and mobile leadership is beginning to emerge as an equally important leadership tool. Working remotely from locations outside of the typical work environment is a growing trend within organizations and expert networks.


Dr Päivi Huotari, Dr Päivi Tossavainen, Dr Marja Kukkurainen, Lecturer Pasi Laine, HAMK