Peter Lund



Sustainable energy systems and policies. Activities in India, China, and Latin America.


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Aalto University


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climate justice energy storage policy formulation renewable energy solar energy

Research projects

  • Project date 1.6.2017
  • Head of research Peter Lund
  • Language n/a

In this project, solar concentrating power production systems and technologies are developed. The focus is on new innovations to bring this solar technology closer to commercialisation. A new type of concentrator, the so-called beam-down 2-stage concentrator, has been developed. It can be equipped with an integrated thermal (high-temperature) storage to provide dispatchable power operation. Up to 40% solar conversion efficiency can be reached.


Wang Jun, Song Yang, Wang Jiangping

  • Project date 1.12.2015
  • Head of research Peter Lund
  • Language n/a

This research concerns socio-technical issues for providing solar electricity into rural India. Several solar pico-grid systems have been implemented in villages accompanied with comprehensive data collection, field-trips, interviews, and analysis. Research questions have included behavioural aspects with use of solar electricity in the rural context, system reliability, and system optimisations. Key results include observations that reliability need more attention and local training, i.e. strengthening frugality aspects; demand response of the rural population showed less correlation with access to solar electricity.


Sini Numminen, Semee Yoon, Johannes Urpelainen