Heimo Mikkola

Chief Advisor

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University of Eastern Finland


Department of Biology

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biodiversity Manu Mystery Owl. new owl species San Isidro Mystery Owl

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  • Project date 1.10.2013
  • Head of research Heimo Mikkola
  • Language n/a

This multinational research team wants to identify so far unknown (mystery) owl species recently seen and photographed in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Identification will use genetic sampling and voice recordings which will be compared with several museum skins and blood samples in the UK, US and The Netherlands in addition to owls in the number of university collections in South America. After the owls are correctly identified it is easier to secure their better conservation and to study the needs for biodiversity sustainablity in their vulnerable forest habitats.


Dr. Elisa Bonaccorso, Mr. Juan Freile Ortiz and Mitch Lysinger