Lisa Grans



Lisa Grans holds a PhD in Public International Law from Åbo Akademi University (2018) and has published extensively on the issue of women’s rights, with a particular focus on violence against women. Her expertise also includes the prohibition of discrimination, the prohibition of torture and linguistic rights. Grans has worked practically for over 20 years with promoting the human rights of women and other disadvantaged groups in cooperation with the relevant governmental bodies in countries such as Georgia, Kosovo and Turkey, having been based in the latter two.


Key studies undertaken

  • Policy paper on the language legislation in Finland and its practical application (co-author) for the Berghof Foundation (2018)
  • Analysis of legislation and policies on violence against women in Finland for the Women, Business and the Law 2018 report, published by the World Bank (pro bono) (2018)
  • Report on persons with mental disorders in civil and criminal proceedings in Kosovo for the OSCE Mission in Kosovo (2010)
  • Report on Roma participation in Finland for the European Roma Rights Centre (2010)
  • Report on the legal situation of the Karelian and Estonian speakers in Finland within the European Language Diversity for All project (ELDIA) (2011)

Other publications

  • Lisa Grans, Prevention of honour-related violence through the lens of the right to physical and psychological integrity, Åbo Akademi University (PhD thesis in Public International Law, 2018)
  • Lisa Grans, ’The concept of due diligence and the positive obligation to prevent honour-related violence: beyond deterrence’, International Journal of Human Rights (2018) 22(5): 733-755
  • Lisa Grans, ‘The Istanbul Convention and the Positive Obligation to Prevent Violence’, Human Rights Law Review (2018) 18(1): 133-155 Lisa Grans, ’Honour-Related Violence and Children’s Right to Physical and Psychological Integrity’, Nordic Journal of Human Rights (2017) 35(2): 146-161
  • Lisa Grans, ’A Right Not to Be Left Alone – Utilising the Right to Private Life to Prevent Honour-related Violence’, Nordic Journal of International Law (2016) 85: 169-200
  • Lisa Grans, ’The State Obligation to Prevent Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment: The Case of Honour-Related Violence’, Human Rights Law Review (2015) 15(4): 695-719
  • Lisa Grans, Legal and Institutional Framework Analysis: Karelian and Estonian in Finland, Working Papers in European Language Diversity 10 (2012)
  • Lisa Grans, ‘Ayr?mcil?k Yasa??’ (‘Prohibition of discrimination’), Seminar Proceedings from International Symposium on the Implementation of Human Rights Reforms, Ankara, Turkey, 30-31 May 2007
  • Lisa Grans, ‘Europarådet’ (‘The Council of Europe’), Mennesker og rettigheter (2000) 3 Lisa Grans, ‘Kommunal rösträtt för utlänningar’ (‘Local Voting rights for Non-Citizens’), Mennesker og rettigheter (1996) 3

Research projects

  • Project date 1.1.2014
  • Head of research Lisa Grans
  • Language n/a

The article-based PhD thesis builds on five published articles. It explores how international human rights law regulates the prevention of honour-related violence (also called honour-based violence). The thesis analyses the obligation of the State to not only punish this form of violence but also to undertake other preventive measures. The legal discussion of honour-related violence has so far largely focused on criminalisation. This research brings to the fore the questions of whether States also should try to abolish the underlying causes of honour-related violence, above all strict gender roles and negative gender stereotypes that regard men as superior to women.