Johanna Virkki

Principal Investigator

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Tampere University of Technology


Biomedical Engineering

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+358 40 8490618

Body-centric wireless sensors Conductive materials Healthcare Collaboration Innovation

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  • Project date 1.9.2016–1.8.2000
  • Head of research Johanna Virkki
  • Language n/a

Novel materials and fabrication methods for body-centric passive wireless sensors (NOSE), is a project that is coordinated at the Tampere University of Technology, by the wireless identification and sensing systems research group (WISE). In this research project, embroidery of conductive yarns and 3D direct write dispensing of novel conductive materials; graphene, copper, and stretchable silver inks, as well as protective coatings, are used to fabricate flexible and reliable antennas and interconnections embedded into textile materials.


Johanna Virkki, Leena Ukkonen, Han He, H Lam, Xiochen Chen