Petri Pellikka

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University of Helsinki


Department of Geosciences and Geography

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Capacity Building. Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Ecosystem Services food security Sustainability Development

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  • Project date 1.3.2018–1.3.2000
  • Head of research Petri Pellikka
  • Language n/a

The TAITASMART project, a research and development project of the University of Helsinki aims to develop a climate-smart landscape framework in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, to take into account both the needs of climate adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable agriculture supported by ecosystem services. For this purpose, the project will study land cover changes, land-atmosphere interactions, soil-crop system functioning, and climate smart landscapes for sustainable development, and build capacity in climate-smart practices.


Petri Pellikka, Laura Alakukku, Timo Vesala