Mika Gabrielsson

Principal Investigator

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University of Eastern Finland


Business school, School of Forest Sciences

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+358 50 5687626,

Actors-resources-activities(ARA) Bio-based materials Bioeconomy Biorefineries Forest sector companies

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  • Project date 1.8.2017
  • Head of research Mika Gabrielsson
  • Language n/a

The aim of the BIOBM project is to investigate the transition to the bioeconomy as a profound change in production and usage, as well as in doing business and consumption. The study is driven by the social, ecological and economic considerations of a sustainable bioeconomy which call for rethinking how we define and utilize resources, how value is created in a networked world and how the circular processes of bio-based and other material flows connect in novel ways. Our aim is to identify the characteristics of successful business models of born globals for a sustainable bioeconomy.


Mika Gabrielsson, Saara Julkunen, Emma Incze, Sara Fraccastoro, Jouni Pykäläinen, Päivi Pelli, Anu Laakkonen