Heli Kangas

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Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT)

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Bichemicals BioComposites Bioeconomy Lignocellulosic Resources

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  • Project date 1.10.2018
  • Head of research Dr. Maria Christina Area
  • Language n/a

The main objective of the ValBio3D project is to develop sustainable and 100% biobased composites based on agroindustrial residues, addressing the bioeconomy of the future. Sub Goals: 1. Develop novel routes for production of a bioplastic based on agroindustrial residues 2. Develop processes for production of sustainable nanofibres suitable as reinforcement of bioplastics in structured biocomposites and as a main component in bioapplications 3. Develop novel routes for functionalizing nanofibres and bioplastic for optimal adhesion in the biocompounds 4. Develop prototype biocomposites based on 3D (bio)printing as a novel technology 5. Perform a lifecycleassessment (LCA) of biocomposites


Dr. Maria Christina Area, Dr. Gustavo Ciudad, Heli Kangas, Dr. Claudia Schirp, Dr. Gary Chinga Carrasco, Isabel Quispe, Marcelo Miguel Melnechuk, Gorm Bruland