Aili Pyhälä

Principal Investigator

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University of Helsinki


Faculty of Social Sciences, Development Studies

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+358 50 311 6998

biodiversity conservation community-based conservation conservation psychology Indigenous peoples

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  • Project date 1.8.2015
  • Head of research Aili Pyhälä
  • Language n/a

Improving our understanding of human-environment relations, and particularly of human motivations, rationale and management regimes, is paramount to the success of any biodiversity conservation initiative involving local communities. By comparing approaches, challenges and successes across case study sites, this research aims to identify those contextual settings, socio-cultural traits, incentives, and practical tools that best foster optimum long-term integration of biodiversity conservation and local wellbeing.


Anita Heim; Attila Paksi; Aina Brias; Marketta Vuola; Mohammad Mozumder