Anu Valtonen

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University of Eastern Finland


Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

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edible insects food security mass production techniques

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  • Project date 1.9.2019
  • Head of research Anu Valtonen
  • Language n/a

Forests play a fundamental part in the well-being of humankind, and restoration of forests has now emerged as a global priority. Yet, it is still poorly understood how efficiently forest restoration can bring back the complexity of functioning ecosystems, such as the crucial networks of species interactions. In this project, we study the assembly of food webs during tropical forest restoration in Kibale National Park, Uganda.


Sille Holm Geoffrey M. Malinga

  • Project date 1.9.2015
  • Head of research Heikki Roininen
  • Language n/a

Edible insects as food for humans is fast gaining global recognition as a key driver to underpin developmental efforts for addressing the interrelated challenges of food security, poverty, nutrition and climate change. However, technologies to ensure sustainable supply of edible insects to meet the increasing demand are not available. This project is aimed to develop a sustainable technology for mass rearing a highly popular and valuable grasshopper (Ruspolia differens) in eastern Africa based on ecological and biological knowhow, and to roll out the knowledge and skills to local communities.


Heikki Roininen, Anu Valtonen, Geoffrey Malinga, Philip Nyeko, Vilma Lehtovaara, Robert Opoke, Karlmax Rutaro, Riitta Julkunen-Tiitto, Tommi Nyman, Okia A. Clement, Francis Omujal, Stefan T. Jaronski, Paul Vantomme