Narasinha Shurpali


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University of Eastern Finland


Environmental and Biological Sciences

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biobutenol Bioethanol Biofuels biogas climate change eddy covariance technique forestry intensification practices greenhouse gas exchange legume cropping Solid biomass transport sector waste management

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  • Project date 1.4.2017
  • Head of research Narasinha Shurpali
  • Language n/a

The project is yet to begin (April 2017) The project, INDO-NORDEN, is drafted in response to the Science and Technology call of the INNO INDIGO partnership programme (IPP) on Biobased Energy. The proposed project aims to address both subtopics of the call, Biofuels and From waste to energy with research partners from India, Finland and Estonia. The EU and India share common objectives in enhancing energy security, promoting energy efficiency and energy safety, and the pursuit of sustainable development of clean and renewable energy source. The main objective of INDO-NORDEN is to investigate, evaluate and develop efficient processes and land use practices of transforming forest and agricultural biomass, agricultural residues and farm waste into clean fuels (solid, liquid or gas), by thermochemical or biochemical conversions.


Dr. N.J. Shurpali UEF Kuopio Finland, Dr. Binod Parameswaran National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Trivandrum India, Dr. Merlin Raud Estonian University of Life Sciences Tarttu Estonia.