Janne Simonen

University Researcher

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University of Jyväskylä


Department of Physics, Nanoscience Center

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building-integrated photovoltaics energy green energy photovoltaics plasmonics solar collector solar energy surface plasmons windows

Research projects

  • Project date 1.10.2014–1.9.2017
  • Head of research Wolfgang Fritzsche
  • Language n/a

The windows developed in this project will prevent the heat from solar radiation from entering buildings, and instead convert that to usable energy. Thus, the need for air conditioning is drastically reduced without compromising daylight illumination. On the other hand, our widows will also increase the use of solar power by integrating the collectors directly into the facades of buildings.


Jussi Toppari, Janne Simonen, Wolfgang Fritzsche, Frank Garwe, Vamsi Komarala, Eshwar Thouti, Johannes Skaar, Christopher Dirdal