Ndegwa Maina


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University of Helsinki


Department of Food and Environmental Sciences

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  • Project date 1.11.2015
  • Head of research Dr. Ndegwa H. Maina
  • Language n/a

This project, aims to explore the advantages of traditional fermentations methods of whole grain consumption and current knowledge of cereal bioprocessing in order to develop affordable and acceptable cereal fibre-rich products for both Africa and Europe. The project takes a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together experts on food technology, food chemistry, microbiology and nutrition in Africa (Kenya and Burkina Faso) and Europe (Finland and Portugal).


Prof. Kati Katina, Dos Rosanna Coda, Dr. Ndegwa Maina, Yagin Wang Prof. Elisabete Pinto, Prof. Ana Gomes, Dr. Ana Pimenta,Catarina Vila Real, Prof. Samuel Mbugua, Dr Catherine Kunyanga, Hanna Mugure Dr. Hagr├ętou SAWADOGO-LINGANI, Clarisse Dawende Compare, Diarra Compaore-Sereme