Anita Heim

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University of Helsinki


Department of Agricultural Sciences

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food choice food security Indigenous malnutrition San traditional food

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  • Project date 1.2.2015
  • Head of research Anita Heim
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Indigenous people who are historical creators of knowledge about food, are among the most impoverished, food insecure people of the contemporary world. This is often due to regulations over the usage of natural resources and very rapid changes in social settings, climatic patterns and cultural practices. This has significantly transformed the diets of indigenous people’s worldwide, non-exemption of the Khwe San indigenous people of Namibia. Today, not only are less food available to the Khwe, but also in reduced nutritional quality. The widely available processed foods and Food Aid deliveries have created dependencies and undermined traditional food systems and health.


Prof. Juha Helenius, Dr. Aili Pyhälä