Nagarajan Subramaniyam

Postdoctoral researcher

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Aalto University


Department of Micro and Nanosciences

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Hydrogen generation nanotechnology Photoelectro chemical cell

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  • Project date 1.2.2014
  • Head of research Nagarajan Subramaniyam
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The production of hydrogen by solar energy is an attractive technique to realize global renewable energy supply. The photoinduced water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen by the direct use of sunlight is an ideal, renewable method of hydrogen production that integrates solar energy collection and water electrolysis into a single photoelectrode. Although the concept is attractive to produce sustainable fuel, the suitable electrode material (performance, stability and low cost) is yet to be found.


Nagarajan Subramaniyam (Finland), Markku Sopanen (Finland), Rajendra singh (India), Ashutosh Kumar (India)