Johanna Toivonen


Research projects

  • Project date 1.9.2016
  • Head of research Johanna Toivonen
  • Language n/a

Global observations show that many high-elevation treelines are not advancing in spite of climatic warming. In this project, we aim to gain in-depth insight into the future of Andean treeline forests in a changing climate by predicting their persistence and upslope advance. This will be done by modelling potential microrefugial areas for treeline forests (suitable sites for tree growth in long-term) based on microtopography and current and future climate.


Johanna Toivonen, Maaike Bader, Carlos Gonzales-Inca, Nilton Montoya

  • Project date 1.4.2015
  • Head of research Johanna Toivonen, Sanna Huttunen
  • Language n/a

Fresh water scarcity due to glacier retreat and decreasing precipitation related to global climate change will be one of the most serious environmental and social challenges in the Andean Amazonian region in this century. Rapidly increasing land use changes make water scarcity even more critical in dry season and, on the other hand, increase flooding and landslide risks in rainy season, because deforested areas have lost their natural water retention and storage capacity. A better understanding of natural water fluxes of forest ecosystems is needed to be able to solve the problems in water cycle.


Johanna Toivonen, Sanna Huttunen, Tinja Pitkämäki, Carlos Gonzales Inca, Lassi Suominen