• Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Reasearch Programme (OEB)

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3385-972X. University Lecturer in Physiological Plant Ecology, Principal Investigator, Sensory and Physiological Ecology of Plants Research group (University of Helsinki), Docent in Plant Physiological Ecology (University of Eastern Finland), Information Officer (UV4Plants International Scientific Association), Editor-in-Chief (UV4Plants Bulletin). Ingeniero Agrónomo, especialidad Fitotecnia (Universidad de Buenos Aires), MSc en Producción Vegetal (Universidad de Buenos Aires), PhD in Science (University of Edinburgh). Teaching: Sensory and physiological ecology of plants, Ecosystems ecology, Statistics and design of experiments, Plant Photobiology.


Sensory and physiological ecology of plants. Bridge the gap between laboratory-based research and field applications.

Antti Autio

Doctoral Candidate

  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Department of Geosciences and Geography/Faculty of Science

Antti Autio is a Ph.D. student in the Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences (DENVI) at the University of Helsinki. He holds a master’s degree in Development Geography and his dissertation research focuses on smallholder farmer’s adaptation to climate change in East Africa from the perspective of political ecology.

Alex Cisneros

PhD student / Social Specialist

  • Institution Tampere University / Wardell Armstrong International
  • Department/faculty Philosophy

Alex is a PhD student in social philosophy at Tampere University and an associate director - social specialist at Wardell Armstrong International. His research involves introducing critical theory approaches (e.g., Recognition theory, decolonial and critical gender theories), to implement novel practices in environmental, social, community health and human rights impact assessment studies. His work in ESG consultancy is largely conducted in the Global South, evaluating impacts from renewable energy, oil and gas, mining and infrastructure projects, with a focus on vulnerable groups.

Teppo Eskelinen

Senior Lecturer

  • Institution University of Jyväskylä
  • Department/faculty Department of social sciences and philosophy

Multidisciplinary social scientist working on global political economy, development theory, development policy, political philosophy, economic alternatives, development ethics, social movements.

  • Institution Åbo Akademi
  • Department/faculty Institute for Human Rights

Lisa Grans holds a PhD in Public International Law from Åbo Akademi University (2018) and has published extensively on the issue of women’s rights, with a particular focus on violence against women. Her expertise also includes the prohibition of discrimination, the prohibition of torture and linguistic rights. Grans has worked practically for over 20 years with promoting the human rights of women and other disadvantaged groups in cooperation with the relevant governmental bodies in countries such as Georgia, Kosovo and Turkey, having been based in the latter two.


Prevention of honour-related violence through the lens of the right to physical and psychological integrity

Jani Heino

Senior Research Scientist

  • Institution Finnish Environment Institute
  • Department/faculty Freshwater Centre

I am an ecologist-biogeographer interested in biodiversity of all kinds of organisms inhabiting the Earth. My research focuses on both aquatic and terrestrial systems, ranging from topics like rarity through taxon, functional and phylogenetic biodiversity patterns to ecosystem functions. I am currently working as Senior Research Scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute's Freshwater Centre.

majid imani

Doctoral researcher

  • Institution Tampere university
  • Department/faculty Social science

I have a bachelor’s degree in English translation and a master’s degree in communication science and journalism and Business Administration both from the University in Iran. After studying in academia, I decided to move to international business projects and consulting. For nearly 10 years, I worked for a Simense project as a commercial expert and for 2 years as a business counsultant in Finland. Then, I returned to academia to pursue a research career. Currently, I am a doctoral researcher in social anthropology at Tampere University. My working and research interest relates to crisis management, social anthropology, ethnography, social media, media management, and online ethnography.

Päivi Lujala


  • Institution University of Oulu
  • Department/faculty Geography

I am Professor in Geography and Academy of Finland Research Fellow, with a background from both human geography and economics, at the Geography Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland. My research focuses on two broad topics: i) management of valuable natural resources in the Global South and ii) adaption to climate change related natural hazards. For more information, see www.paivilujala.com

Miska Luoto


  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Department of Geosciences and Geography

Professor of physical geography at the University of Helsinki. Expert in climate change impact modeling, ecosystem change and Arctic environments.

Saeed Bin Mohammed

PhD Researcher

  • Institution University of Jyväskylä
  • Department/faculty Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy

Saeed is working on a PhD thesis tentatively entitled “The governance of urban culture in the era of globalisation: an analysis of international policy discourses & Cosmopolitan case- examples”. He investigates this topic from the perspectives of cosmopolitanism and governmentality.