Misa Bakajic

Phd Student RUesearcher

  • Institution Aalto University
  • Department/faculty Information and Service Management - Logistics

Researcher focused on exploring topics concerning the impact of sustainability and technology on society and supply chains.

majid imani

Doctoral researcher

  • Institution Tampere university
  • Department/faculty Social science

I have a bachelor’s degree in English translation and a master’s degree in communication science and journalism and Business Administration both from the University in Iran. After studying in academia, I decided to move to international business projects and consulting. For nearly 10 years, I worked for a Simense project as a commercial expert and for 2 years as a business counsultant in Finland. Then, I returned to academia to pursue a research career. Currently, I am a doctoral researcher in social anthropology at Tampere University. My working and research interest relates to crisis management, social anthropology, ethnography, social media, media management, and online ethnography.

Sini Suomalainen

Communications manager

  • Institution Aalto University