Pia Eskelinen

Phd Candidate

  • Institution University of Turku
  • Department/faculty Faculty of Law

Land is a powerful asset, but it also has a social function. Its economic and social aspects are central in advancing gender equality. Legal control of land as well as legal and social recognition of women’s uses of and rights to land, can also have catalytic effects of empowerment, increasing women’s influence and status in their homes and communities. My article-based PhD thesis focuses on Chinese rural women and their social and equal status in Chinese society. The research has received funding from Academy of Finland's Actors, Structures and Law (ASLA) - project


Rural women´s land rights in China

Brendah Nakyazze

PhD candidate

  • Institution Åbo Akademi University
  • Department/faculty Developmental Psychology

Brendah Nakyazze is a doctoral candidate at Åbo Akademi University Finland pursuing a doctoral degree in Social Sciences (Developmental Psychology). Her research aims to investigate intimate partner sexual aggression and its psychological concomitants in Uganda. The study encompasses measurements of victimisation from sexual aggression in intimate relationships, including marital rape, as well as connected factors such as victimisation due to denial of sex, and accepting attitudes towards marital rape. The connection between victimisation from intimate partner sexual aggression and other types of victimisation will also be studied. Her research also puts forward the psychological concomitants of intimate partner sexual abuse which are important to highlight in Africa where mental health is often misunderstood and not prioritized. Her published work includes; 1. Sexual abuse and accepting attitudes towards intimate partner rape in Uganda. 2. Victimisation from intimate partner rape in Uganda: Sex differences, psychological concomitants, and the effect of educational level. 3. Intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: An impending pubic Health crisis in Africa.