Want to learn more about issues related to sustainable development and global challenges? Interested in interacting with other students from around Finland? Looking for flexibility in your studies? Try the UniPID Virtual Studies! 

UniPID's Virtual Studies are free of charge online courses, available for both international and Finnish students enrolled at the UniPID member universities.

The UniPID Virtual Studies were created to deepen collaboration between universities and draw on the specific areas expertise related to global development at different universities in Finland.

With the UniPID Virtual Studies, students:

  • Learn about important themes in global development and development cooperation
  • Gain academic competence in key concepts of development studies
  • Improve professional capacities to work in an international environment
  • Develop a global perspective on the world
  • Benefit from the expertise found in UniPID member universities
  • Study flexibly online and plan their own study schedule
  • Interact with students from different universities and backgrounds

For whom?

The studies are suitable to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and can be taken individually or as a part of the UniPID Minor. All students are responsible for making sure with their home department that the virtual studies can be included in their degree.

How to apply? 

Students apply for courses on the UniPID website, where the Course Catalogue is updated yearly. The courses are divided into general and specialized courses. General courses address fundamental issues in global development studies. The courses address the theories and practice of development and offer an introduction to the topic. 

Specialized courses delve deeper into specific concepts and themes of sustainable development, such as biodiversity, corporate responsibility, sanitation, and the role of international organizations. Together, the course curriculum offers a well-rounded view on development work and research.

When applying for courses, under "Home University", please select the Finnish Member University that you are affiliated with, even if you are an exchange or an international degree student. Only if you are not affiliated with any of the Finnish Member Universities, please select "Other, please specify".

For more information on the studies, see the Student Guide!

Read the data protection announcement to find out how personal data is stored and handled (in Finnish).

For frequently asked questions, see the Virtual Studies FAQ!

Important: Please note that the credit registration process for the UniPID Virtual Studies changes from the autumn semester 2014 onward. From now on, credits and grades are registered at universities giving courses. Students should apply for credit transfer themselves with transcripts of records from course arranging universities.Virtual Studies contacts can help with this process.


(Image attribution: 2009 Kyaw Kyaw Winn, photoshare, 2003 Melissa May, Photoshare)

New Courses?

New virtual studies are constantly being developed. Please check the Courses page regularly to see what courses are being offered.

FAQ on Studies?

For information on the Virtual Studies, see the FAQ page or download the Virtual Studies Guide.