The network offers a variety of support services for interdisciplinary studies and research, as well as universities’ societal impact related to international sustainable development. UniPID also facilitates academic partnerships related to global challenges, and specifically with partners from the Global South.

Education services

UniPID promotes studies in global development. UniPID coordinates a Virtual Studies Programme in sustainable development themes, which strengthens and diversifies the English language curriculum and teaching capacities of its member universities.

  • UniPID offers grants of 6 500 euros to member universities for the creation of online courses;
  • Offers 12-20 virtual courses per each academic year;
  • Awards an annual Master’s Award in Development Studies.

Research support

Through UniPID, the researchers and institutions specialized in global challenges and development can find both Finnish and international partners for cooperation. UniPID advances Finnish researchers’ participation in international research consortia and supports the funding application processes. Through UniPID DocNet – the Finnish Development Research Doctoral Network, UniPID supports the multidisciplinary training and networking for doctoral candidates in the field of development research.

  • UniPID’s research support is primarily implemented through externally funded projects: more information on the projects here
  • Additionally, UniPID DocNet offers complementary training, guidance, peer support opportunities and travel grants for doctoral candidates;

Societal Impact

UniPID advocates for science-based policy making and stresses the importance of responsible partnerships in facing global challenges. UniPID promotes the expertise of its member universities by facilitating researchers’ input in development and higher education policy, national and international research agendas and funding priorities.

  • UniPID participates in national working groups and meetings with ministries, offering expertise related to higher education and research on development and global challenges;
  • Facilitates research community's participation in events and consultations related to policy design processes and organizes events to advance multi-actor cooperation;
  • UniPID shares information and facilitates contacts between member universities and potential international partner institutions;
  • UniPID strengthens communication between member universities and with other national and international stakeholders and global development networks.

Photo credits: Ian Schneider, 2016, on Unsplash.