Minor Programme: Sustainability in Development

UniPID and its member universities offer an online minor in development studies titled Sustainability in Development for students who want to incorporate global challenges and sustainable development into their degree.

The minor is comprised of at least five (5) courses worth 5 ECTS each for a minimum total of twenty-five (25) ECTS credits. Students are free to choose courses from the course catalogue to tailor an individualized study programme. The registration for the minor is continuous and the programme is free of charge for all students enrolled at member universities.

Studying in the Minor Programme requires registration. Before registration, the students should discuss with a university representative (academic secretary, amanuensis) to make sure that the minor can be included in their degree and personal study plan (HOPS).

Courses with a limited amount of seats will give priority to students enrolled in the UniPID Minor Programme. When registering for a course you wish to include in your UniPID Minor, be sure to select the "as part of UniPID minor" option in the registration form.

If you have completed five or more Virtual Studies courses and would like to receive your minor certificate, please contact Paula Paukku () via e-mail, attaching your transcript(s) containing the courses completed.

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