FinCEAL Plus Call for Project Preparatory Funding is open until April 15th 2016

March 4, 2015

FinCEAL Plus has opened a Call for Project Preparatory Funding open from March 9th 2015. The purpose of the preparatory funding is to offer support to applicants based in Finnish institutions who are in the process of preparing an application for collaborative research funding from Horizon 2020 or ERA-NET or the EuropeAid funding schemes with partners from Europe and a third region, either Africa, Asia or Latin America and the Caribbean. Applicants can apply for grants between 2000€ - 5000€. UPDATE: The Call will close on April 15th, 2016.

In line with project objectives andplanned activities, we are pleased to announce a Call for Project Preparatory Funding open from March 9th2015. UPDATE: THE DEADLINE FOR THE CALL IS NOW APRIL 15TH, 2016. Please check the updated Call here

Aim of the funding

The purpose of the preparatoryfunding is to offer support to applicants based in Finnish institutions who are in the process of preparing anapplication for collaborative research funding from Horizon 2020, ERA-NET or the EuropeAid funding schemes. Other EUfunding instruments can also be considered applicable if the applicant is able to clearly demonstrate the relevance of the project in relation to FinCEAL Plus thematic areas and regions. [1] The project should includemeaningful participation from partners in the target region, and in the case of Horizon 2020 also Europe. Theapplicant should have identified a relevant Call and topic, and at least some of the consortium partners[2] prior to applying for thepreparatory funding, and provide this information in the application form.

Preparatoryfunding can only be issued to applications relevant to FinCEAL Plus regional and thematic areas, which are:

– Food security, Health, Climate Change, Renewable energy andInformation Society;
– Health, Food Security and Safety, WaterManagement, Renewable Energy, and ICT;
Latin America and the Caribbean – ICT forsocietal challenges, Bioeconomy, Renewable Energy, Health, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

The focus ofthe project under preparation should directly concern the target region or address global challenges through bi-regional cooperation.

Target group

Individual PrincipalInvestigators or research groups from a Finnish institution involved in or forming aconsortium with the intent of applying for research funding from the schemes mentioned above. Finnish institutions can include higher education institutions as well as research centers.

Priority is given to the followingtypes of project proposals: (1) proposals where Finnish partners have a coordinator or other significant role in the consortium and in the project, (2) proposals involving the formation of a prominent international consortium, (3) proposals in later stages of development.

Eligible costs

Applicants can apply for grants between 2000€ - 5000€.

Eligible costs are those related to the direct preparation of a funding application, i.e. personnel costs, costs related to organizing a meeting or a workshop to develop the application, travel costs related to a meeting with consortium partners etc.[3]

Note: For thisCall, the planned Research Funding application preparation process must occur by the end of September 2016.

Applying forthe Call

  • Please read the Call for more detailed information on the Preparatory Funding.
  • Fill in the Application Form. The Form should notexceed 5 pages. The Application Form has to be signed by Principal Investigator of the potential project.
  • Save your application form in PDF format and send it by email to the Project Coordinatorresponsible for the regional component relevant for your application. Applications received in other formats than pdf or by post will not be accepted. Africa-related applications are sent to Melissa Plath, Asia-related to Jarkko Mutanen and LAC-related applications to Kajsa Ekroos. Contact information is provided below.

      The Rolling Call for Project PreparatoryFunding is open from March 9th 2015 onwards. The Rolling call will remain open, with no closing date, until furthernotice. Applicants can apply for funding at any time for new collaborative research projects.

      Recipients of the preparatory grants will benotified via email within 30 days of submitting the application. The granteeswill also be published on the UniPID/FinCEAL Plus website. Further instructions on disbursing funds will be sent with the grant award notification.

      MoreInformation and Contacts

      More information on the Preparatory Funding available in the Call.
      For more information on FinCEAL Plus visit: and subscribe to our newsletter.

      Inquiries regarding the Preparatory Funding can be sent to:

      Eva Kagiri (Africa):

      Jarkko Mutanen (Asia):

      Kajsa Ekroos(LAC):

      [1] Individualgrants like ERC and Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions are notapplicable. Erasmus + is not applicable. Any national or bi-lateral funding instruments are not applicable.

      [2] Minimum one partner from a third country and one Europeanpartner.

      [3] Meetingsor workshops to develop the application can be organized in Finland, elsewhere in Europe or in the target region. The preparatory funding can be used to cover the travel costs of any of the consortium partners.