Research projects 2

We will make use of Finnish research expertise to improve the laboratory infrastructure, management practices, and education of the local personnel, first in Burkina Faso and then elsewhere in Africa.


Christina Lyra, Leena Räsänen, Edina Rudner, Isidore Bonkoungou

  • Head of research Tuula Tuhkanen
  • Language n/a

In recent years, various studies have reported the occurrence of a wide range of antibiotics and antiretrovirals in different water systems. Of particular concern is the water emanating from wastewater treatment plants and informal settlements that have significant amounts of the drugs. These drugs end up in the water systems leading to a number of negative effects both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Much of the work with regard to the studies is in the developed world and there is no significant studies documented in the sub-Saharan Africa where there is high disease burden, high population and limited water treatment facilities. The goal of the present study is to develop fast and reliable analytical methods for the determination of selected antibiotics and antiretroviral drugs in water selected water systems in Kenya and Finland. The removal efficiencies of the wastewater treatments plants shall be determined. The data obtained in the study shall form the basis of research on pharmaceutical and other emerging contaminants in Kenya and the evaluation of the means for their elimination in water.


Tuula Tuhkanen, Anthony Gachanja, Elijah Ngumba