Research projects 4

LEAP4FNSSA is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) whose main objective is to provide a tool for European and African institutions to engage in a Sustainable Partnership Platform for research and innovation on Food and Nutrition Security, and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA).


Melissa Plath

SCALA is a project implemented by a cooperation of Finnish companies and Brazilian players towards the following end goals: 1. Develop scarce innovation skills and research into emerging markets 2. Study mobile learning in the Brazilian context 3. Pilot and develop the contents of mobile learning in basic education, university and vocational training in Brazil 4. create a market strategy for mobile learning products on the scalable market in Brazil including buyer profiles and purchase and decision processes.


Annica Isacsson

PRE-LEAP-RE aims to contribute to identifying and formulating a strategic jointly designed Research and Innovation Agenda for renewable energy (RE) collaboration between Europe and Africa and establishing the organizational principles for its implementation in a forthcoming Joint Programme. The project will bringing together national funding agencies from EU and African States, involving key European and African actors of energy research. The key anticipated outcome of the PRE-LEAP-RE project is a European Joint Programme (EJP) in the field of RE.


Melissa Plath, Quivine Ndomo

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YAKSHA supports current EU-ASEAN cooperation dialogue, which include security and defence, with emphasis on non-traditional areas, such as cybersecurity. YAKSHA develop software to prevent cybercrime in the ASEAN region, leveraging EU-ASEAN knowledge and most recent technology advances to reach this goal. YAKSHA will implement true collaboration in the field, co-creating technologies that are able to respond to real user requirements and needs. Through a series of events, YAKSHA will promote knowledge sharing as well as will develop a business ecosystem of partners to commercialize the solution after end of the project.


Maria Lima Toivanen, Nina Rilla, Jouko Myllyoja, Jarno Salonen, Jani Suomalainen, Jukka Hemilä