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The TAITASMART project, a research and development project of the University of Helsinki aims to develop a climate-smart landscape framework in Taita Taveta County, Kenya, to take into account both the needs of climate adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable agriculture supported by ecosystem services. For this purpose, the project will study land cover changes, land-atmosphere interactions, soil-crop system functioning, and climate smart landscapes for sustainable development, and build capacity in climate-smart practices.


Petri Pellikka, Laura Alakukku, Timo Vesala

  • Head of research Lindström, Kristina
  • Language n/a

The overall aim of the project is to improve productivity, livelihoods, nutrition and household wellbeing in Ghana and Uganda, while counteracting environmental degradation and mineral depletion caused by monocultures. The study will address both the individual farm level and the rural community level. Introducing the use of biofertilizers through a participatory process can highlight the potential of location-based resources, and empower the community more widely.


Sumelius John (Project manager, Lindström Kristina (Principal investigator), Benjamin Ahiabor, John Baptist Tumuhairwe, Åsa Frostegård, Aserse Aregu (Participant), Vihinen Hilkka (Project manager), Sell Mila (Project manager), Sipiläinen Timo (Participant), Bäckman, Stefan, (Participant) Rosengren, Linda (Other)

The main objective is to study the ways in which temporarily returning Somali diaspora health experts contribute to strengthening of the health system in Somalia. We investigate ideas and modes of behaviour that diaspora transfer to communities in their country of origin (Somalia) with intended or unintended societal transformation and capacity building such as transferred skills and knowledge. The study focuses on the Northeastern regions of Somalia - Somaliland and Puntland, which enjoy relative security, autonomy and progress in development compared to the other regions of the Federal Republic of Somalia.


Saeed Soleman, Mikko Perkkiö, Annariina Koivu, others from Somalia to be decided