Research projects 2

SCALA is a project implemented by a cooperation of Finnish companies and Brazilian players towards the following end goals: 1. Develop scarce innovation skills and research into emerging markets 2. Study mobile learning in the Brazilian context 3. Pilot and develop the contents of mobile learning in basic education, university and vocational training in Brazil 4. create a market strategy for mobile learning products on the scalable market in Brazil including buyer profiles and purchase and decision processes.


Annica Isacsson

Access to schooling and higher education are considered as primary means to empower marginalized groups and enhance sustainable development in the Global South. In Ecuador the intercultural bilingual education programme that affirmed the fundamental importance of integrating diverse local languages knowledges and pedagogical practices in education was established already in and later amended based on the community-centric ecologically-balanced and culturally-sensitive philosophy of sumakkawsay (buenvivir). However the programme is still only partially applied and thus education typically follows homogenized standards and fails to include specific cultural realities.


Johanna Hohenthal