Research projects 11

The research examines how Finnish HEIs engage with other higher education institutions, communities, civil society organisations (CSOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), enterprises and governments to influence, integrate and/or address the needs for development in various food value-chains and their eco-systems, and further in food and nutrition security and education policy dialogue, especially in the context of the Global South.

I4Future - Imaging for the Future: Novel Imaging and Characterization Methods in Bio, Medical and Environmental Research and Technology Innovations is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie action co-funded international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral doctoral programme. The programme brings together complementary and supplementary expertise of internationally accredited researchers with the aim of training young researchers in an interdisciplinary manner in highly relevant sosioeconomic research areas using state-of-the-art techniques. The programme network consists of 17 University of Oulu research groups, 10 international partner universities, 11 private companies and 4 multidisciplinary public sector organisations.

Novel materials and fabrication methods for body-centric passive wireless sensors (NOSE), is a project that is coordinated at the Tampere University of Technology, by the wireless identification and sensing systems research group (WISE). In this research project, embroidery of conductive yarns and 3D direct write dispensing of novel conductive materials; graphene, copper, and stretchable silver inks, as well as protective coatings, are used to fabricate flexible and reliable antennas and interconnections embedded into textile materials.

The international research project "Making the International Trade System for Climate Change" examines possible synergy effects between the international trade and climate regime. The focus is on how trade policy measures (WTO, free trade agreements, etc.) can support a more ambitious climate policy in the future. The project includes a first analysis of the impact of the Paris Climate Agreement on the relationship between international trade and climate policy.

  • Head of research Simon J Puglisi
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The overall goal of BIRDS is to establish a long term international network involving leading researchers in bioinformatics and information retrieval from four different continents, to strengthen the partnership through the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and to develop integrated approaches to improve current approaches in both fields. It will be implemented through staff exchanges, in addition to summer schools, workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing between members of the partnership. Research results will be disseminated to the market through a cooperation with an innovative SME software development company based in Europe.

  • Head of research RDI Vice President Kyösti Väkeväinen
  • Language n/a

The main idea of FINDIgATE -project is to co-create a joint online course between HEIs in India and Finland. It is a pilot project which aim is to view how children's educational systems work in India and Finland and how they improve wellbeing.

  • Head of research Anja Nygren
  • Language n/a

The project analyses the ways that fragile cities are dealing with societal security, environmental vulnerability and representative justice in the spaces of multi-scale governance. The dimensions to be analysed are: 1) governance of insecurity and creation of accountable institutions; 2) authoritarian legacies and political-representation efforts; and 3) governance of environmental vulnerabilities and claims for justice. The research aims to develop a revised theory of urban political ecology and urban justice to better understand the interlinkages and scalar complexities of societal security, environmental vulnerability and representative justice.

This project funds exchanges between the partner institutions (from Europe to outside Europe, or from outside Europe to Europe, or cross-sectoral) to build collaboration on bioinformatics and information retrieval data structures. We also run summer schools.

This project is in the initial planning stages and is currently an internal research process between the Oamk LABs pre-incubator program at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the partner incubator Global Lab Sendai in Sendai, Japan. This project will attempt to compare the various activities of these two business incubators to explore how the development of startup ecosystems differ in Finland and Japan. This collaboration is being made in the context of supporting the development of new businesses in the Tohoku region of Japan that was devastated by the Tsunami of 2011.

  • Head of research Jenni Latikka
  • Language n/a

The main goal of this project is to upgrade the Department of Hydro-Met Services, so that the Bhutanese National Weather Service can be strengthened and thus substantially increase its forecast skills, contributing to the positive economic development of the country, help in reduction of poverty and improved handling of natural catastrophes in times of climate change.