Research projects 2

  • Head of research Kai Savolainen
  • Language n/a

NANOSOLUTIONS seeks to identify and elaborate the characteristics of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) that determine their biological hazard potential. It will help develop a safety classification model for ENM based on an understanding of their interactions with living organisms, benefiting industry and enabling innovation.The NANOSOLUTIONS project was created to develop a safety classification for engineered nanomaterials (ENM) based on an understanding of their interactions with living organisms at molecular, cellular and organism levels. The human body uses natural nanomaterials, such as proteins and other molecules, to control the body�s many systems and processes.

  • Head of research Jari Iinatti
  • Language n/a

Project focuses on a wireless body area network (WBAN) as a core of ideal ubiquitous healthcare infrastructure, which can provide us new paradigm to create innovations for future healthcare in academia and industry by employing advanced wireless technologies which Finland and Japan have been leading in a world. WBAN is a crucial wearable and implant network sensing various vital data for diagnosis and controlling actuators for health treatment around a body, and constructs a ubiquitous healthcare network combining with existing radio, and optical, networks such as a mobile cellular network and Internet. The research is divided into three paradigms: Dependable wireless communication in healthcare applications, developing the IEEE802.15.6-2012 standard, and improving the efficiency of clinical approval for compliance for novel WBAN devices.