Research projects 1

  • Head of research Jyrki Luukkanen
  • Language n/a

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to sustainable energy planning through improved energy related knowledge and expertise in the target countries, Laos and Cambodia. The purpose of the project was to enhance and promote sustainable energy education, research and development at the Faculty of Engineering at NUOL, and Department of Electrical and Energy Engineering at ITC. The identification of capacity building activities was guided by the objective to provide improved expertise relevant for both Cambodian and Laotian energy policies and labour markets, as well as to respond to the specific needs of NUOL and ITC. The project also supported the development of Bsc and Msc programs in renewable energy education in both universities. On top of these, the project also aimed to improve the teaching skills, administrative, organisational and intellectual skills of the university staff. Using the acquired knowledge and skills of teachers can foster the renewal of administrative structures and organisational activities.


Jyrki Luukkanen (FFRC), Visa Tuominen (FFRC)), Tytti Pasanen (FFRC), Erno Lehtinen (UTU), Yrjö Majanne (TUT), Juha Leppänen (Tamlink Ltd.), Norith Phol (ITC), Khamphone Nanthavong (NUOL), Orkide Akgün (FFRC)