Research projects 4

The two-year FinCEAL pilot project aimed to enhance cooperation between research and science policy communities in Finland, Europe, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean by networking the Finnish research community and by supporting their participation in bi-regional research projects and science policy processes. FinCEAL was an initiative funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and implemented by UniPID, the Finnish University Partnership for International Development. FinCEAL activities were focused on the following thematic areas, derived from the European Union's bi-regional science, technology and innovation policy processes: Africa – Food Security, Information Society, Health, Climate Change and Renewable Energy; LAC – ICT for Societal Challenges, Bioeconomy, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Health.


Eva Kagiri, Kajsa Ekroos, Melissa Plath

The project between University of La Molina and University of Turku, Finland aims to improve the higher education on Food Sciences and to strengthen the research, development and innovation environment concerning sustainable utilization of indigenous food crops in Peru.


Jaakko Korpela, Jukka-Pekka Suomela

The HEI-ICI project (between Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and University of Helsinki) aims at developing a national systematic and validated quality model for teacher's in-service training in Higher Education Institutions in Peru. The second aim of the project is to enhance the network of universities in Peru (RPU) in educational development and in providing in-service training for teachers and pedagogical teaching companions (acompañantes pedagógicos) to finally empower educators of all levels with a special attention to the children among indigenous people.


Dr Jari Lavonen, Dr Heidi Krzywacki, MA Päivi Virtanen, Dr Arja Haapakorpi, Dr Juan Carlos Llorente, MA Patricia Escobar Cáceres, Dr Carmen Diaz Bazo

  • Head of research Sari Pitkänen
  • Language n/a

This project will reinforce the Finnish development objectives of evolving towards a more inclusive green economy and sustainability. Also in line with the objectives of Finnish development cooperation, our project will directly contribute to the achievement of some of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are strongly supported by the Government of Venezuela. In case of environmental sustainability (MDG 7), this project will support the improvement in the competencies of future foresters, as well as the raised awareness on environmental issues among people. This will have an impact on a better management of forests and therefore a possible reduction of deforestation rates.


Sari Pitkänen, Osvaldo Encinas, Javier Arevalo Pardo de Donlebun, Calkin Suero Montero, Jarkko Suhonen