Research projects 2

The goal of Biodev/Work Package 3 is to develop the capacity and policy environment to facilitate wider scaling up of high value biocarbon development approaches.


Fobissie Kalame

Prof. Lyytinen´s research team has developed a science-based, digital learning game to help children to learn to read. The game is based on our 20 years of scientific work in Jyväskylä longitudinal research on dyslexia. The Grapho Learning International Development project aims to co-create a sustainable model to deliver GraphoGame service to new countries. In Africa the research group has long term cooperation with many Higher Education Institutions. Current activities are focused in Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia. In Latin America the aim is to deliver new GraphoGame versions in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.


Prof. Heikki Lyytinen, Prof. Ulla Richardson, Head of Project Management Mikko Pitkänen, Project Planning Officer Isa Niukkala