Research projects 1

  • Head of research Jyrki Luukkanen
  • Language n/a

The INES project concentrated on energy related data collection and sustainable energy planning in one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, Lao PDR (or Laos).The purpose of INES project was to (i) collect data on households energy consumption patterns and the impact on livelihoods; (ii) collect data on energy use in industry, agriculture and transportation; (iii) develop energy plannig models for Lao PDR with different relevant ministries; (iv) carry out training and capacity building in energy models development and their use in national planning and; (v) create scenarios for planning purposes together with ministry representatives, and disseminate the information with the aim in raising awareness and support in sustainable policy making. The overall aim of the project was to improve the access to renewable energy in Laos.


Jyrki Luukkanen (FFRC), Hanna Lakkala (FFRC), Mika Korkeakoski (FFRC), Juha Panula-Ontto (FFRC), Tytti Pasanen (FFRC), Visa Tuominen (FFRC), Khamso Kouphokam (MEM), Bouasavanh Khanthapat (NUOL), Ilkka Keskiväli (FFRC), Orkide Akgün (FFRC), Dorn Bouttasing (FFRC)