Research projects 2

Development of fisheries and aquaculture in the Kyrgyz Republic especially through training. We have trained and educated students in the sector, and area also working on curriculum development with the local universities. In addition we are researching the status of recreational fisheries and the socio-economic status of fisher communities. Research is also focusing on developing the value chain from pond to plate, by training on hygiene and cold-chain management and we are also looking at the logistic chain and identifying gaps and critical points where interventions need to be made. Research is also looking into awareness of fish as a nutritive source of food. We are also researching different processing techniques of fish and product development.


Liisa Nurminen UEF, Heimo Mikkola UEF, Jannina Viljakainen UEF, Bermet Tazhibaeva Kyrgyz National Agrarian University

  • Head of research Marja Mutanen
  • Language n/a

The ZANE Study (Estudo do Estado Nutricional e da Dieta em Raparigas Adolescentes na Zambézia) focuses on the nutrition of adolescent girls in Zambézia Province, Central Mozambique. Our aim was to study the food consumption, dietary intake and nutritional status among 15 to 18-year-old adolescent girls. Data was collected in 2010 during two seasons and in one city and two districts. . Our research questions include: What is the prevalence of stunting, thinness, overweight and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals? What are the main food sources of energy, protein and micronutrients in the diet? What is the fatty acid status of the girls? Are dietary patterns or dietary diversity scores associated with blood concentrations of vitamins and minerals? Are there differences in diet and nutritional status between urban and rural girls?


Riitta Freese, Liisa Korkalo, Helena Hauta-alus