Research projects 1

We aim at elucidating how plants acquire and use information about their abiotic and biotic environment. Perception of visible and ultraviolet regions of the daylight spectrum and the acclimation responses triggered by these cues are the main focus of our current research. Understanding cross-acclimtaion mechanisms can be used to develop new environmentally-friendly crop management strategies based on environmental cues, such as the light spectrum and/or temperature, replacing applications of chemical growth regulators and of some pesticides. Another application is enhancement of post-harvest shelf life of cut flowers, and leafy vegetables.


Pedro J. Aphalo, Sari Siipola, Fang Wang, Neha Rai, Yan Yan (HU); Åke Strid (ÖU), Gareth I. Jenkins (GU), Andreas Albert (HZM), Susanne Neugart (IGZ), Otmar Urban (CZG), Victor O. Sadras (SARDI), Tarja Lehto (UEF), Anders Lindfors (FMI).