• Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Department of Political and Economic Studies/Faculty of Social Sciences

David Lawson is an applied development economist who works on issues of extreme and chronic poverty, gender, health and household shocks. He recently completed a term as Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki, Associate Professor of Development Economics and Public Policy at the University of Manchester, and Visiting Professor at the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing. He has 25 years of applied public policy experience, in sub-Saharan Africa, as a resident advisor for the Governments of Ethiopia, Lesotho, and Uganda and advised extensively for DFID, OECD, UNECA, UNICEF, World Bank, among others. He has published widely with more than 100 publications and reports, including in leading peer-reviewed journals and six books that include the book series - What Works for the Poorest (Practical Action, 2010, 2017. 2020), and Gender, Poverty and Access to Justice: Policy Implementation in sub-Saharan Africa (Routledge, 2020).

Friederike Lüpke

Professor of African Studies

  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Department of Languages

I'm an Africanist linguist with expertise in spoken and written multilingualism, in particular rural multilingualism. My geographical focus is on Mali, Senegal, Guinea and adjacent regions in West Africa. My current research combines descriptive, sociolinguistic and anthropological perspectives on multilingualism with the goal to develop inclusive and adaptive multilingual educational practices that contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in the domain of education. This work is reflected in the LILIEMA education programme developed jointly with local activists in Southern Senegal.

Shahid Mallick

Early-Stage Researcher

  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Number of publications 06 Name of publications Open-access link Publication category Water, Water Pollution and Cultural Desolation https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329416339_Water_Water_Pollution_and_Cultural_Desolation A1 Environmental Degradation: Challenge to Food Security, local context global perspective, A case study of a village in Bangladesh https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329416293_Environmental_Degradation_Challenge_to_Food_Security_local_context_global_perspective_A_case_study_of_a_village_in_Bangladesh A1 Empowering youth lasting change; SEED SCALE a process to youth engagement and sustainable development https://techniumscience.com/index.php/socialsciences/article/view/1877 A1 Industrialization Water Pollution and Social Change: A Case of Basin Based village in Bangladesh https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329416449_INDUSTRIALIZATION_WATER_POLLUTION_AND_SOCIAL_CHANGE_A_CASE_OF_BASIN_BASED_VILLAGE_IN_BANGLADESH A1 Community Disability, And Response to Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh. https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=%E2%80%A2+Mallick+%26+Salma+ A1 River, Culture and Livelihood: Water pollution and social change around river Banghsi, Bangladesh D

Galyna Medyna


  • Institution Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luonnovarakeskus)

Following five years of research in the fields of product development and eco-design (including a PhD in mechanical engineering), Galyna worked for over three years as part of the Product Bureau at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. She currently works in Finland on issues related to the local bioeconomy and sustainability, including the further development of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) frameworks and case studies.

Myriam Munezero


  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty School of Computing

Brendah Nakyazze

PhD candidate

  • Institution Åbo Akademi University
  • Department/faculty Developmental Psychology

Brendah Nakyazze is a doctoral candidate at Åbo Akademi University Finland pursuing a doctoral degree in Social Sciences (Developmental Psychology). Her research aims to investigate intimate partner sexual aggression and its psychological concomitants in Uganda. The study encompasses measurements of victimisation from sexual aggression in intimate relationships, including marital rape, as well as connected factors such as victimisation due to denial of sex, and accepting attitudes towards marital rape. The connection between victimisation from intimate partner sexual aggression and other types of victimisation will also be studied. Her research also puts forward the psychological concomitants of intimate partner sexual abuse which are important to highlight in Africa where mental health is often misunderstood and not prioritized. Her published work includes; 1. Sexual abuse and accepting attitudes towards intimate partner rape in Uganda. 2. Victimisation from intimate partner rape in Uganda: Sex differences, psychological concomitants, and the effect of educational level. 3. Intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: An impending pubic Health crisis in Africa.

Ayonghe Nebasifu

PhD Researcher

  • Institution Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
  • Department/faculty Anthropology Research Group

A trained anthropologist at the Anthropology Research Group - Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, along with a background in Sociology. I do extensive research on co-management practices, regimes for forestry and wildlife conservation, protected area management, governance and development, as well as land use and sustainability policy.

Jarkko Niemi

Research Professor

  • Institution Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

I am a research professor at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). I have a PhD in production economics and farm management and a title of Docent in Agricultural Economics at the University of Helsinki. My research mainly focuses on the following topics: economics of animal health and welfare; bio-economic modelling of animal production management, animal disease outbreaks and interventions to reduce different types of animal health disorders; adaptation of agriculture to climate change; food safety management; edible insects; competitiveness of animal-based supply chains. I have worked in several national and international projects such as EU-funded projects PROHEALTH, LEAP4FNNSA and ProIntensAfrica, NEAT Erasmus network, GroupHouseNet Cost action, and FoodAfrica research for development programme.


Improving Food Security in West and East Africa (FoodAfrica I & II)

Eva Nilsson

PhD Researcher

  • Institution Hanken School of Economics
  • Department/faculty Management and Organisation

I am doing PhD research on corporate responsibility in African states with a case study focused on a large investment by multinational oil and gas companies in Tanzania. I am a political scientist (MSocSc World Politics, MSc African Politics) and now working within the field of management and politics. Previously, I have worked as an advisor within development cooperation, and have rich experience of development policy, especially in relation to global economics and finance.

Godfred Adduow Obeng

Doctoral Researcher

  • Institution University of Jyväskylä
  • Department/faculty Development Studies

Godfred Adduow Obeng is a doctoral researcher in Development Studies at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä. He is working on a PhD thesis tentatively entitled “Organic Cocoa Governance and its Implication on Sustainable Production: A Comparative case analysis between Ghana, Ivory Coast and The Dominican Republic”. He investigates this topic from the perspectives of multilevel governance.