Tuija Turunen

Professor/Dean/UArctic Chair

  • Institution University of Lapland
  • Department/faculty Faculty of Education

Professor Tuija Turunen holds a position of Dean at the Faculty of Education, University of Lapland, Finland. She is a leader of the teacher education programme. Turunen holds the UArctic Chair in Education for Social Justice and Diversity and leads the UArctic and the UNESCO/UNITWIN networks on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity. Professor Turunen is an internationally recognized expert in these fields and has given invited addresses throughout the globe both in scientific and popular arenas, e.g. UNESCO Teacher Task Force in Jamaica, Arctic Forum in Russia, IICBA in Ethiopia and various forums in Europe. She has published widely and leads several national and international projects. Professor Turunen’s current research interests focus on teacher education, indigenous education, professional development in higher education, educational transitions (especially starting school), multi-professional work in schools, and preventative school welfare work.

Liisa Varumo


  • Institution Finnish Environment Institute
  • Department/faculty Environmental Policy Centre

I have both work and research experience in cross-cultural and indigenous communities work in the Latin American region. I have also worked at the Finnish Embassy in Peru and gotten to know the types of projects our ministry funds as cooperation for development and I have also worked in a collaborative project in Nicaragua with local communities and environmental education. Experience in funding applications and reporting.