Marjaana Jauhola

Academy Research Fellow

  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Faculty of Social Sciences

Jauhola conducts research (2012-2020) on global political economy of post-disaster interventions and intesecting inequalities and forms of resilience of long-term recovery of combinations of political violence and disasters (Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia; 2001 Gujarat earthquake in Kutch, India) using visual ethnography and collaborative urban lifehistorical and audio-visual methods.

  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty Institute of Clinical Medicine, Neurology

Sanna Juvonen

Project Manager

  • Institution Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Institution National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • Department/faculty Department of Health

Pasi Kallio

Principal Investigator

  • Institution Tampere University of Technology
  • Department/faculty Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Heli Kangas

Project Coordinator

  • Institution Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT)

Markku Kanninen

Professor, Work Package Leader

  • Institution Viikki Tropical Resources Institute/University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Department of Forest Sciences

I am professor of Tropical Silviculture and Director of Viikki Natural Resources Institute (VITRI) at the University of Helsinki, Finland. I am an expert in tropical forestry, climate change, forest ecology, and forest management.


Building Biocarbon and Rural Development in West Africa (BIODEV) – Work Package 3 (WP3): National policies and capacity strengthening

Joni Karjalainen

Project researcher

  • Institution University of Turku
  • Department/faculty Finland Futures Research Centre

Jonna Katto

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Institution University of Helsinki

Tomi Kauppinen

Project manager

  • Institution Aalto University
  • Department/faculty Department of Computer Science