Marianna Ferreira-Aulu

Doctoral Researcher, Project Researcher

  • Institution University of Turku
  • Department/faculty Finland Futures Research Center / Turku School of Economics

Hi! I am Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu, project researcher and doctoral student at the University of Turku (UTU), Finland. My long-term professional goal is to contribute to society by exploring innovative pathways towards just and sustainable futures. I intend to do this by producing high-quality scientific materials, by popularizing science to catalyze positive transformations, and by engaging with the civil society to collaborate with various stakeholders. During the past five years, I have been working as project researcher in two departments in the University of Turku: the Finland Futures Research Centre, and the Centre for Collaborative Research. I have been engaged with various projects in strategic foresight, futures literacy, sustainability and climate action, renewable energy, food research, and international collaboration. In addition to desk research, I enjoy doing workshop facilitation (have experience in Finland, Peru and Colombia). I have also been quite active in public speaking, by giving talks in various seminars and conferences. I also enjoy cooperating to developing the strategy of our own organization. I have represented UTU in international cooperation initiatives through international education services. Since the beginning of 2021, I have also been pursuing my doctoral degree in Futures Studies. The working-title of my dissertation is “Building a Strategic Roadmap for Ecologically Sound and Socio-politically supported Conservation of the Brazilian Amazonia”. The research takes into consideration the local socio-political dynamics, the uniqueness of its peoples and its biodiversity. I look at the conservation of Amazonia as a wicked problem that needs diverse set of actions to attempt to solve it. This research topic is a continuation, and expansion of my Master’s Thesis, where I explored futures scenarios for the Volta Grande do Xingu, the region most affected by the construction of the Belo Monte Dam, in the East of the Brazilian Amazonia.

Elvis Mukumu Fokala


  • Institution Åbo Akademi
  • Department/faculty Department of Law, Institute for Human Rights

Mika Gabrielsson

Principal Investigator

  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty Business school, School of Forest Sciences
  • Institution Turku University
  • Department/faculty Dentistry/Medicine

Aside from being a PhD student, I am currently a lecturer of Dental Public Health in an academic institute in Saudi Arabia. I have an MSc in Dental Public Health and a Joint master’s in health professional Education. I serve as a reviewer for several international journals and an section Editor in Frontiers Oral Health and have publications in reputable and hi-indexed journals. I am a core team member in global initiatives that address oral and mental health.

Travis Gagie

Local coordinator

  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Computer Science

Barry Gills

Professor of Global Development Studies

  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Global Development Studies, Faculty of Social Science

I have been recently working on a critique of mainstream ( neoclassical and neoliberal) Economics and its relation to producing Climate Change and Ecological crises. I am a member of EXALT ( Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative--- I have been working on the conceptualisation of "global extractivism" ( see our forthcoming Special Forum on Extractivsm in the Journal of Peasant Studies). With Hamed Hosseini I have ben developing the concept of "Transversal cosmopolitanism" as a dialogic form of co-construction of knowledge for transformative praxes.

Nebiyu Girgibo

PhD student and project resercaher

  • Institution University of Vaasa
  • Department/faculty School of technology and innovations

Africa and EU bonding

Aleksander Glapiak

Doctoral Researcher

  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty Law School

The early-stage doctoral researcher focused on hydrogen (and, broader, energy) regulation at the EU level

Steffi Goffart

Senior Scientist

  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences

I study mitochondrial DNA maintenance (replication and repair) in mammalian cells, concentrating on the tissue-specificity of molecular mechanisms and adaptative reactions to mitogenotoxic stressors.

Jeremy Gould


  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Social Sciences

Anthropologist with a specialization in long-term social change in postcolonial Africa. Recent work focuses on the interaction between law and politics in state formation. Supplementary interests in epistemic decolonization, and in the legal frameworks around extractivist economies, especially in connection with indigenous communities.