Edward Mutafungwa


  • Institution Aalto University
  • Department/faculty Communications and Networking

Jarkko Mutanen


  • Institution University of Eastern Finland

Coordination of the Asia component of FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES - aiming to develop and support Finnish science, technology and innovation cooperation between Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Windi Muziasari


  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Food and Environmental Sciences

Pamenas Mwova

Impact of ICTs on socio-economic developement of youth in Kenya

  • Institution University of Tampere
  • Department/faculty social research

Matti Mäntysalo

Principal Investigator

  • Institution Tampere University of Technology
  • Department/faculty Electronics and Communications Engineering

Quivine Ndomo

Project researcher

  • Institution University of Jyväskylä
  • Department/faculty Department of Philosophy and Social Science

Qualitative researcher interested in the policy implications of the nexus between agency and structure in contemporary migration discourse and consequent policies. In particular, I am interested in the impact that migrant presence encourages in activation policy revisions in the welfare states.


PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy (PRE-LEAP-RE)

Internationalizing Finnish Science: Building Sustainable Bridges to Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean (BRIDGES)

Ayonghe Nebasifu

PhD Researcher

  • Institution Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
  • Department/faculty Anthropology Research Group

A trained anthropologist at the Anthropology Research Group - Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, along with a background in Sociology. I do extensive research on co-management practices, regimes for forestry and wildlife conservation, protected area management, governance and development, as well as land use and sustainability policy.

Alice Neffe


  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Faculty of Law

Elijah Ngumba

Ph.D student

  • Institution University of Jyvaskyla
  • Department/faculty Biological and Environmental science

Jarkko Niemi

Research Professor

  • Institution Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

I am a research professor at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). I have a PhD in production economics and farm management and a title of Docent in Agricultural Economics at the University of Helsinki. My research mainly focuses on the following topics: economics of animal health and welfare; bio-economic modelling of animal production management, animal disease outbreaks and interventions to reduce different types of animal health disorders; adaptation of agriculture to climate change; food safety management; edible insects; competitiveness of animal-based supply chains. I have worked in several national and international projects such as EU-funded projects PROHEALTH, LEAP4FNNSA and ProIntensAfrica, NEAT Erasmus network, GroupHouseNet Cost action, and FoodAfrica research for development programme.


Improving Food Security in West and East Africa (FoodAfrica I & II)