UniPID's Policy Work

Sharing expertise on higher education and development

UniPID participates in working groups and meetings with national ministries relating to global challenges and universities' global responsibility as an expert organization on higher education and development related themes.

Enhancing knowledge-based decision making

To enhance knowledge-based decision making, UniPID facilitates comments from the research community on policy papers of the different ministries, focusing on development policy, higher education and research policies and funding priorities.

UniPID also organizes a variety of events to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between researchers and policy makers.

In addition, UniPID offers an administrative service to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, coordinating commissioned studies related to development policy.

To increase Finnish researchers' contribution to EU level and international research policy, UniPID offers grants for researchers to participate in research policy events, particularly through the FinCEAL inititative.

Supporting migrants' integration

To support migrants' integration, UniPID coordinated a set of virtual courses directed to migrants, who are not yet students of the member universities, as a legacy of the SIMHE project. In addition, UniPID virtual course teachers are encouraged to admit members of this target group in their courses.

Photo credits: USGS, 2019 on Unsplash