Research title
Diaspora in strengthening health system in a fragile state: Somali diaspora experts as innovation agents.

Research timeline
1.1.2018 -

fragile states diaspora development co-operation innovation health systems health care health systems strengthning building health systems



University of Tampere
Global Health and Development
Tampere, Finland

Type of project
Research, Development and Innovation, Capacity building project, PhD dissertation, Collaborative research project

Head of research
Anneli Milen

Research team
Saeed Soleman, Mikko Perkkiƶ, Annariina Koivu, others from Somalia to be decided

University of Hargeisa, Somaliland University of Tampere

Contact information
Anneli Milen
+ 358 40 5521337

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Research summary

The main objective is to study the ways in which temporarily returning Somali diaspora health experts contribute to strengthening of the health system in Somalia.

We investigate ideas and modes of behaviour that diaspora transfer to communities in their country of origin (Somalia) with intended or unintended societal transformation and capacity building such as transferred skills and knowledge.

The study focuses on the Northeastern regions of Somalia - Somaliland and Puntland, which enjoy relative security, autonomy and progress in development compared to the other regions of the Federal Republic of Somalia.