Research title
RespMat - Early life origins of respiratory health and obstructive airways disease in Matlab, Bangladesh

Research timeline
1.8.2017 - 1.1.2000

asthma, community involvement, COPD, domestic violence, fine particulate matter, food insecurity, indoor air pollution, low birth weight, Obstructive airways disease, policy involvement, preterm birth, psychosocial stress, stunting



National Institute for Health and Welfare
Department of Health
Helsinki, Finland

Type of project
Research, Development and Innovation, Collaborative research project

Funding instrument
Other, Tekes

Head of research
Eero Kajantie

Research team
Eero Kajantie, Pieta Näsänen-Gilmore

International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research Bangladesh (ICDDRB), Uppsala University, Sweden, Tsukuba University, Japan

Contact information
Eero Kajantie
029 524 8610

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Research summary

RespMat studies fetal and childhood physical, psychosocial and environmental determinants of a key non-communicable disease, obstructive airways disease, in 15-year-olds and their mothers in rural Bangladesh, a least-developed and fragile country.


In collaboration with Bangladesh research institute ICDDR,B, RespMat uses the unique resource of the MINIMat cohort that has exceptionally detailed longitudinal data on its high levels of multiple physical, psychosocial and environmental risk factors relevant to women and children throughout fetal life and childhood. These risk factors include preterm birth,

We are currently conducting a feasibility study in which carry out household survey, air pollution monitoring and a clinic study including spirometry, airway inflammation and cardiorespiratory fitness. We have applied for funding to invite the whole MINIMat cohort to this clinic assessment and to conduct educational workshops at all levels of community, introducing sustainable simple interventions.

We have charted stakeholder needs, we will fine-map them at the start and ensure knowledge translation through multiple channels including a high-profile stakeholder dissemination seminar at project end.