Julia Catalán

Senior research and responsible person at FIOH for this project

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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH)


Nanosafety Research Centre

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Marie Curie Action Metal oxide nanoparticles Nanosafety Toxicology

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  • Project date 1.1.2013
  • Head of research Prof. Kai Savolainen
  • Language n/a

BRASINOEU is a Marie Curie Action inside the IRSES program (International Research Staff Exchange Scheme). The scope of this project is to address issues related to the safety of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) and nanotechnologies, and to assure the implementation of safety in ENM design and the development of applications incorporating ENM. The goals are reached through joint activities of an international team with a proven expertise in material science and toxicology and capable of facing the complex issues of toxicity of ENM. Through the exchange of Early and Experienced Researchers from Europe and Brazil and China we can reach a global approach, also highly important when aiming at achieving international standards on safety of ENM. The complementarity of the groups involved in the project will help to develop new professional and scientific horizontal connections through the global exchange of researchers, who will be trained in complementary disciplines and learn a variety of techniques necessary to address the complex issues of the interaction of ENM with biological matter and tools for the design of ENM and devices incorporating them


Kai Savolainen, Harri Alenius, Hannu Norppa, Julia Catalan (and other researches from the Nanosafety Research Centre at FIOH).