• Institution Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences
  • Department/faculty School of vocational teacher education
  • Institution Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology
  • Department/faculty Computational Engineering

Post-doctoral researcher at LUT-University. MSc degree in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics from Wroclaw University of Technology (2007), MSc in Technomathematics from Lappeenranta University of Technology (2008) and DSc in Applied Mathematics from Lappeenranta University of Technology (2011). Specializes in modeling financial markets, time series analysis, statistical modeling, as well as mathematical epidemiology. 9 years of experience in academic teaching (including an award for the best international teacher), covering mainly scientific computing, statistics and stochastic modeling, and calculus. In years 2013-2015 having coordinated the following capacity building projects between Finland and East Africa: NSS East Africa Technomathematics and HEI ICI Mathematics Education and Working Life Relevance in East Africa. Experienced participant in Modeling Weeks (both as a student, instructor and organiser) and Study Groups. Recently organized a successful ECMI Modeling Week at LUT in July 2017.


Mathematical modeling

Jaana Jarva

Senior Scientist

  • Institution Geological Survey of Finland

Jaana Jarva is a senior scientist in environmental geology at the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). She holds a PhD in geology from the University of Turku, Finland. She is specialized in the fields of environmental and urban geology, geochemistry, land use planning, geological risk assessment and climate change adaptation. She has worked as a project manager in several European research and regional development projects, as well as in national and international research and consulting assignments. She is currently acting as a project manager of four international projects on hydrogeology, climate change adaptation and environmental impact assessment. She holds IPMA Level C certificate.

Marjaana Jauhola

Academy Research Fellow

  • Institution University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Faculty of Social Sciences

Jauhola conducts research (2012-2020) on global political economy of post-disaster interventions and intesecting inequalities and forms of resilience of long-term recovery of combinations of political violence and disasters (Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia; 2001 Gujarat earthquake in Kutch, India) using visual ethnography and collaborative urban lifehistorical and audio-visual methods.

  • Institution University of Eastern Finland
  • Department/faculty Institute of Clinical Medicine, Neurology

Sanna Juvonen

Project Manager

  • Institution Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Institution National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • Department/faculty Department of Health

Pasi Kallio

Principal Investigator

  • Institution Tampere University of Technology
  • Department/faculty Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Heli Kangas

Project Coordinator

  • Institution Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT)

Markku Kanninen

Professor, Work Package Leader

  • Institution Viikki Tropical Resources Institute/University of Helsinki
  • Department/faculty Department of Forest Sciences