UniPID takes part in many activities to build the capacity of students, researchers, institutions and development networks. Besides the Virtual Studies programme, UniPID uses its various channels to promote and disseminate education and knowledge capacity. UniPID organises networking and roundtable events, international conferences and seminars and as well collaborates its members' expertise to participate in policy formulation. 

UniPID is actively involved in several European Commission funded projects (CAAST-NET, ERAfrica & DocLinks) in order to further both Finnish and partner interest in EU-Africa cooperation. UniPID also has a coordinating role in the FinCEAL project (Developing Finnish Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa and the LAC Region) that receives funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

UniPID Activities

  • UniPID strengthens research capacity within development studies in Finland and abroad
  • UniPID promotes development research and study opportunities across its member institutions and partners
  • UniPID trains students and young researchers in development related fields through workshops and its Virtual Studies programme
  • UniPID links Finnish universities to national, European and global sustainable development institutions and networks
  • UniPID engages in policy debates and provides opportunities for member universities to contribute in development thinking, policy and practice
  • UniPID reinforces links between academics and practitioners working on development issues in Finland 
  • UniPID provides access to funding and networking opportunities 
  • UniPID hosts dissemination and training events
  • UniPID enables Finnish universities to fulfill their role in the promotion and implementation of sustainable development 

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