UniPID strengthens and diversifies member universities’ curricula and educational capacity in global development issues. UniPID coordinates a joint virtual studies minor programme in sustainable development, and supports the training and networking of Finnish doctoral students in the field of development studies. 

UniPID supports and organizes seminars related to themes of global responsibility and higher education cooperation and awards grants for seminars. UniPID also awards a yearly Master’s Award in Development Studies to encourage research related to global challenges.

Virtual Studies 

The UniPID Virtual Studies initiative was created to meet the growing demand for knowledge and expertise in sustainable development.

UniPID Virtual Studies were created to deepen collaboration between Finnish universities within development studies and to draw on the specific areas expertise at different universities in Finland. The Virtual Studies help in overcoming institutional boundaries and meeting the growing need for professionals in the field of international development and development cooperation.

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Questions about UniPID Virtual Studies? Contact Osku Haapasaari (osku.haapasaari[at]jyu.fi)

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New virtual studies are constantly being developed. Please check the Courses page regularly to see what courses are being offered.

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