ASIA-EUROPE MEETING (ASEM) IN THE AGE OF CONNECTIVITY - To commemorate the 20th anniversary of ASEM, the European Union Centre in Singapore with the support of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared this booklet. The booklet gives an analytical account of ASEM's history and background, assesses ASEM's developments and achievements since the inaugural summit, and provides some thoughts on the future of ASEM.

Conclusions of the EU-India Summit 2016
EU and India step up the cooperation - Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Comission and Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister for Commerce and Industry of the Republic of India, confirmed shared values towards further agenda actions and their strong partnership.
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INDIGO Policy (EU-India) project articles on latest technology innovation and events

  • "Funding Frugal innovations" by Kaisa Granqvist (ZSI): Lessons on Design and Implementation of Public Funding Schemes for Frugal Innovations More information
  • "Indo-European cooperation within the framework of FP7" by Teresa de Oliveira (ZSI), Sean Angiolillo (NISTADS), Kasturi Mandal (CSIR), Parthasarathi Banerjee (Goa Institute of Management): When International Research Collaboration Contributes to the Sustainable development Goals. More information

INDIGO Policy publishes four policy briefs
The Four policy briefs outlining the latest developments in Indo-European cooperation.
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Roadmap for ASEAN-EU S&T Cooperation
Scientific cooperation is part of the partnership between the two regions since the 16th ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting in Nuremberg, Germany in 2007, scientific cooperation has also featured at the latest 20th EU-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in relation to issues such as water resources and environmental protection under the theme "Towards Strategic Partnership for Peace, Stability and Prosperity” (July 2014).
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Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Surveillance in Southeast Asia (State of Play and Policy Note)
The aim of this report is to highlight AMR activities in ASEAN member states and to identify key players within each country, in order to facilitate the establishment of a coherent strategy for collaboration. In order to identify key areas, we have reached out to each member state and identified the key organisation(s) supporting the national action plan or activity and scientific experts in the field of AMR. More information:
AMR Roundtable Policy Note and State of Play AMR Research Surveillance.